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Caminalcules Lab Answer Key

caminalcules lab answer key

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Answer Key How to get started on the Caminalcule Evolution Lab Evolution, adaptive radiation, shared derived characteristics, evolutionary tree, Nova Lab Evolution Game - Let's Play A Classification Puzzle Game Caminalcules Instructions by Susan Price This video explains fundamentals of the

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Lab 10: Diversity u0026amp; Taxonomy... if you need more time to work on your Caminalcules lab, ... The last answer should lead you to the ... Use the Key to the Cultivated and Native Trees of South ... [Filename: 10-Diversityu0026Taxonomy.pdf] - Read File Online - Report Abuse

Caminalcules Instructions by Susan Price

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Caminalcules are imaginary animals invented by the evolutionary biologist Joseph Camin. They make ideal organisms for introducing students to two related topics: taxonomic classification and evolution. In this lab exercise each student first classifies 14 "living"species into genera, families, etc.

The Classification & Evolution of Caminalcules

Answers will vary with how closely the students’ trees agree with the key. Students should compare their original classification of the living Carninalcules and see if their genera share a common ancestor. If not, they will need to rename their living species or revise their tree. 2.

Pre-lab Homework Lab 9: Tracing Phylogeny

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The Classification and Evolution Lab handout 2. Pictures of the Caminalcules (in Word format) 3. Notes for a three-hour lab 4. Lab sheets to submit for grading. The pictures of the Caminalcules are copyrighted by the journal Systematic Biology and Robert R. Sokal. They are made available here with permission.


classification and evolution Caminalcules are imaginary animals invented by the evolutionary biologist Joseph Camin. In this lab exercise you will construct an evolutionary tree of the Caminalcules using both the “living” species and the additional 57 "fossil" species.

[Book] Caminalcules Lab Answer Key

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Caminalcules ~ Hudson Valley Geologist

Lab 10: Diversity u0026amp; Taxonomy - Black Hills State University ... First, if you need more time to work on your Caminalcules lab, ... Write a dichotomous key for the 12 species represented on the Leaf Types Set laminated [Filename: 10-Diversityu0026Taxonomy.pdf] - Read File Online - Report Abuse

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Multiple Choice Test Answer key December, 5th 2017 . 14th IJSO 2017, Nijmegen The Netherlands ‒ Multiple Choice Test ‒ Dec. 5th 2017 answers page 2 of 8 Answer key Biology questions Rate of flow of blood 1. D ... Determination of Caminalcules 6. D See table. Features present are indicated with √ for I up to VIII.

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1.The Classification and Evolution Lab handout. 2.Pictures of the Caminalcules (in Word format) 3.Instructor Notes for both a two- and three-hour lab. 4.A diagram of the correct phylogenetic tree . Note that in my lab I use only a subset of all the 77 Caminalcules.

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Caminalcules (from Camin and animalcule) are a fictive group of animal-like life forms invented by Professor Joseph H. Camin (University of Kansas) as a tool for understanding phylogenetics.Interested in how taxonomists group species, he designed these creatures to show an evolutionary pattern of divergence and diversification in morphology.There are 29 recent 'species' of Caminalcules and 48 ...

Didactic guide for teachers - caminalcules

Caminalcules as a Model of the Fossil Record. Caminalcules were imaginary animals invented by the late University of Kansas evolutionary biologist, Joseph Camin. They make ideal model organisms for introducing students to evolution. In this lab, you will construct an evolutionary history of the Caminalcules using fossil species.

Step one: Taxonomy - caminalcules

Comes complete with directions, images and answer key according to original Caminalcule activity. This lab is shortened from the original activity as it only contains a small portion of the creatures. It will take most students an entire 45 min period. Good for discussion on relating organisms based on characteristics.

Constructing a Phylogeny

Part A: Taxonomy of Living Caminalcules 1. Examine the drawings of living caminalcules. ... Discussion Questions - Key 1. Answers will vary with how closely the students’ trees agree with the key. Students should compare their original classification of the ... You and your lab group are taking a group cruise through the treacherous but ...

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Meet the Caminalcules: In order to assess and teach different methods of building phylogenetic trees, taxonomist Joseph Camin designed a set of adorable imaginary animals in the early 1960's.

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#1) Find one example of convergent evolution among the Caminalcules. Answer: The best example that I can think of is the wings on a bat. They have elongated fingers that make up most of the wings. They use skin that is stretched between their fingers to create the area that is required to produce lift.

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Favorite Answer The caminalcule is an imaginary organism invented by a biologist named Joseph Camin for scholastic purposes only. It's a thought exercise for students to basically make up their own parts.


In this lab you will develop a taxonomic classification and phylogenetic tree for a group of imaginary organisms called Caminalcules after the taxonomist Joseph Camin who devised them. At the back of this chapter are pictures of the 14 "living" and 58 "fossil" species that you will use.

Phylogenetic Analysis of the Caminalcules. I. the Data ...

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LAB 20 - Evolution and Classification

Name: _____ AP Biology—Lab 18 Page 6 of 13 Exercise 3: The Phylogeny of Caminalcules Using a large sheet of paper, construct a phylogenetic tree for the Caminalcules. Use a meter stick to draw 20 equally spaced horizontal line on the paper. Each line will be used to indicate an interval of one million years.

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Caminalcules Lab Answer Key

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Caminalcules Lab Answer Key